Check out videos made by and for our group!

Gerald and his KLR650

Bikers for Babies

Raising money for the March of Dimes!

Burnout Time

When your tire is at the end of life, why not lay some on the pavement?

Making a run over Chinook Pass

Take a trip up the mountains, over the pass and through the woods.

Check out the Sturgis Special

Custom bikes. Take a look!

Stardog take to the Sea

We also take trips on other vehicles too! Follow us as we head out to sea!

Tripping on a Heritage

We took turns riding the bike, just for kicks!

Iron Butt Kicker

1000 miles in 18 1/2 hours!

A Fast Takeoff!!

The Shadow takes off through the desert!

Oyster Run in Anacortes

The Pacific Northwest hosts a major event every year in September

Modeling a Suzuki

Who says bikers aren't marketable??

View a Low Rider

Walk around a running Low Rider

View a Sportster

Listen to the American made engine and the potatoes that go with it

Stardogs at Sturgis 2003

Our time in Sturgis is over but you can view it today!

Stardogs at Sturgis 2005

A big turnout for the party in the Black Hills!


Motorcycles are fun!


Sturgis Rally Happening!

The Great American Rally is starting soon. Be on the look-out for bikers coming through your area.

Learn to ride the fast way

Join Kevin Schwantz and his team to learn riding techniques that will help improve your riding skills and safety!

Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic

Lee Parks teaches the skills needed for safe and enjoyable riding! Check out his book or schedule a class!

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